Nothing cheers up a day better than a Sharpie Marker.

So among my group of friends and family it is quite apparent that I am an admitted Sharpie Marker Junkie. A funny story on the proof of my addiction, is that when my significant other Sam ordered a new printer he  received the biggest bag of Sharpies in a Ziploc bag as a gift from the company. I begged and pleaded that he should give it to me and finally after a grande temper tantrum and false tears on my side... and some sympathetic laughter on his... he finally allowed me to pick out some for myself. He thought that this was so funny and worth sharing with the company that he decided to write the company a thank you email and to tell them that they made my day. Well in response to that email a large envelope arrived a few days later with a huge selection of Sharpie Markers addressed to me! Yay! So in honor of that wonderful woman who sent them to me here is a small piece of art in your honor. All done with the markers you sent!

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  1. Dude, so true! Sharpie markers put a big smile on my face... haven't had much time to do it lately tho. Sadness.