Weekend Birthday Card Bonanza!

So May is a busy time in our family and extended family... besides Mothers Day there is a plethora of Birthdays and other occasions. Since my creative juices have been flowing I have gotten many comments about how everyone looks forward to my handmade cards! So here are 2 I did this weekend.

1. A tribute to my golden retrievers Colby and Angus... for Mom's Birthday
Done with Sky Blue and Black Sharpies and a wash of Royal Blue Goache.

Colby (LaLoo)

Angus (The Goose)

2. An Educational card for Sam's nephew (and also talented artist) Aaron.
Done with a few Shaeffer Calligraphy pens and inks... I had no card stock so it is mounted on a file folder I airbrushed and stippled a bit.


Yay, I have 7 followers.

Thank you for following my blog! My 7 loyal followers, of which one is myself so I guess it is actually only 6.


Sam wants a graphic novel about a Super Pomeranian.

I told him a pomeranian doing horrible violent things although funny is not believable... and he said... and Watchmen was?


Edgar Allan Poe... Grey and Black Sharpie

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
-Edgar Allan Poe

The sun is shining, I should be happy but the goth side of me hisses when the rays touch me... have to keep up the pasty white skin at all costs! I prefer to stay in a cool dark place and play with Adobe Illustrator and my Art Supplies. Who needs a social life?