Weekend Birthday Card Bonanza!

So May is a busy time in our family and extended family... besides Mothers Day there is a plethora of Birthdays and other occasions. Since my creative juices have been flowing I have gotten many comments about how everyone looks forward to my handmade cards! So here are 2 I did this weekend.

1. A tribute to my golden retrievers Colby and Angus... for Mom's Birthday
Done with Sky Blue and Black Sharpies and a wash of Royal Blue Goache.

Colby (LaLoo)

Angus (The Goose)

2. An Educational card for Sam's nephew (and also talented artist) Aaron.
Done with a few Shaeffer Calligraphy pens and inks... I had no card stock so it is mounted on a file folder I airbrushed and stippled a bit.


  1. You are a very talented artist... and the question is ... where are the car drawings?

  2. Oh... you'll get a ferrari next... maybe if I have time.