Yay a new tablet to play with!

I got a new tablet from Sam and has it made my digital art experience a lot easier. For a while there I was trying to do stuff with a mouse... although it eventually was done, there were a lot of curses being used. Not at my beloved Mac but at the mouse. I think that is why the new tablet was ordered. Sam was sick of me swearing like a sailor (usually that language is reserved for using a PC). But I digress, I found the concept of this as photo of a tattoo done by artist Steve Soto in the June 2011 issue of Total Tattoo Magazine and loved the concept so much that I re-drew it in pencil and then just added some detail to make it look a little more graphic with Photoshop. The original was on someone's leg I believe and I liked the angle, it made it look like she was peeking out from behind something so I blacked out the background and also made it look like she is peeking out from behind a black curtain.

I am now obsessed with Steve Soto's work and style. I wish to have a few of his pieces hanging on my walls at home, but that would entail skinning some of his clients and that is not right, and illegal, and then you need a taxidermist to preserve them... so yeah I have thought of it just a bit.



Art comes in all forms...

So I just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Darcy who is an amazing artist in her own right, but instead of Sharpies and Inks like me she does the most wonderful things with food. If you would love to see true talent in the kitchen check out her blog... and follow her!

Home made Pizza Pops!!! 


Illustration Friday...Launch

On advice from "Ugly Muffin" (check out http://uglymuffin.blogspot.com/ ... for cool Illustration and Art) I joined Illustration Friday where you interpret  a theme every week.

This week's theme is LAUNCH
Because you can launch a paper airplane,  and an introduction... okay thats reaching a bit!


Tell me friends... How can I get more to follow along?

Any tips on how to get more followers? I am exhausting the friends and family with begging and promising finished pieces in return.



Girls of Gotham... and Wonder Woman

So drawing Comic book characters is my new sketchbook exercise... plus doing some research there is not a lot of female comic book artists... and the ones that there are do the kind of graphic novels designed at teen girls who are into princesses and such.

Wonder Woman... who I kind of used  Sophia Vergara as an inspiration.

Classic Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

Harley Quinn

A new version of Catwoman

Poison Ivy, who I used Mad Men's Christina Hendricks as an inspiration.
Check out http://www.joellejones.com/ she is one of the best female comic book artists working today!

The Profile Picture... Changed from this to a new RED one!