Yay a new tablet to play with!

I got a new tablet from Sam and has it made my digital art experience a lot easier. For a while there I was trying to do stuff with a mouse... although it eventually was done, there were a lot of curses being used. Not at my beloved Mac but at the mouse. I think that is why the new tablet was ordered. Sam was sick of me swearing like a sailor (usually that language is reserved for using a PC). But I digress, I found the concept of this as photo of a tattoo done by artist Steve Soto in the June 2011 issue of Total Tattoo Magazine and loved the concept so much that I re-drew it in pencil and then just added some detail to make it look a little more graphic with Photoshop. The original was on someone's leg I believe and I liked the angle, it made it look like she was peeking out from behind something so I blacked out the background and also made it look like she is peeking out from behind a black curtain.

I am now obsessed with Steve Soto's work and style. I wish to have a few of his pieces hanging on my walls at home, but that would entail skinning some of his clients and that is not right, and illegal, and then you need a taxidermist to preserve them... so yeah I have thought of it just a bit.

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