Now like most of the tourists to Hong Kong of course I hit the markets. But instead of looking for designer knock off hand bags I was looking for something much more... art supplies. How nerdy is that? Most people take pictures of the tourist attractions like the symphony of lights (which I did) but I was also enthralled by all the graphics I saw there. For instance, when doing construction on an installation in a shopping center, they put up great artworks with the logos on them. I have a love for the asian esthetic of images and art stemming from ancient Japanese influences to modern advertisements for absolutely everything. Sam notices the "Cute Factor" on a lot of the images there and says thats what i am attracted to. Needless to say my creativity was sparked for more pieces for my portfolio so you will have to stay tuned... as unfortunately I have also brought home bronchitis and need to fix that first. Unfortunately the large doses of NyQuil and other cough suppressants are killing my creative juices.

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