Oh Sh*t it is almost X-mas

So in the hustle and bustle of the season... I'm just talking work and everyday life here... I have kind of overlooked the important fact that Christmas is in just 15 days. Now to some of you that is still plenty of time but for me this instills a little panic as I have vowed this year to not do my ussual Christmas Eve mad sprint through closing stores to grab whatever I can find.
Granted the nice thing is we are a small group, just Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Sam and the dogs to buy for. Yes I said dogs.... in our family they are just people with a glandular disorder.
I think I know what I'm getting for everyone but Sam... wait no, I have to do the usual and get him something with a Ferrari on it, and his usual socks and undies (must be Calvin Klein).
As for the golden's and the little dude (pomeranian) it must be something edible, as well as wrapped so they can shred the paper into a million pieces.
So for all of you who have done your shopping and have everything wrapped and sitting under the tree.... I say look who is all organized and high and mighty! Now I have to go fight my way through rude X-mas shoppers to find some tighty whiteys.

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