Why I "simply adore" Edmonton winters in 10 mini love notes

Dear Winter:

1. I love how you make me put away my beautiful fragranced Chanel body products only to replace them with medicated creams for my eczema outbreaks and peeling facial skin.

2. Thank you for making me burn through fuel when I have to warm up my vehicle for 20 minutes each time I need to leave the house... because fuel is so economically priced these days.

3. I know you love when I slip into my sexy thermal underwear that I am now forced to wear under my already equally warm clothing to go to work.

4. They say that red is the color of love, well you will see a beautiful red bloom left on my pillow from the nosebleed I had from your dry winter air.

5. You sneaky lovebird you... I saw you hide some beautiful black ice under your white blanket for me.

6. I love how you surprise me with sudden over supply of snow when I didn't plan on wearing my winter boots and now my socks are wet and frozen.

7. I adore when a romantic meal consists of cup a soup and horrible produce due to you closing down major shipping routes to my local grocer.

8. Thank you for your kisses that leave my extremities frostbitten and sore.

9. I also love when you decide to get overambitious and close major roadways so we can be alone.

10. Finally winter I have to say that you are so thoughtful in your efforts to surprise me, like how you came early for my birthday and Thanksgiving and how you usually leave the third week in January to be the coldest but decided to give me an early Christmas present of -30 degrees now!

Stuck deep in your embrace,


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